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‘Civilization 6’ Release Date & What To Expect

‘Civilization 6’ Release Date & What To Expect
Civilization VI Sid Meier’s Civilization V


‘Civilization 6’ Release Date & What To Expect

Last week, Sid Meier’s Civilization 6 announcement trailer landed on YouTube, causing the gaming community to kneel down as it witnessed the franchise’s comeback. PC gamers are geared up to experience the real-time strategy game on October 21, a release date shared alongside Battlefield 1.

Many fans would consider Rise of Nations to be one of the best strategy games that allows the player to grow from Stone Age to Information Age. Sid Meier’s Civilization 6 has already teased some of the features expected in the game. If predicted true, the game will sell a lot of copies for sure.

No Similar Pattern in Creation

Unlike the previous Civ games, the title aims to recreate the way strategy is meant to be played, from the building of terrains to the strategies of each attack. The cities will also be separated so their infrastructure will be built depending on the resources available in the area.

Revamped user-interface

According to an interview by TIME with lead designer, Ed Beach, “We’re aware that as we add depth, we have to make sure this game is just as easy to play as any of our other titles have been, There’s a big push on user interface with this game. We’ve taken a whole new approach to user interface development, and there’s a lot that helps players understand what’s going on in the game.”

A Dynamic World

Although the concept isn’t new to the franchise, Civilization 6 will be changing the environment to react to your city’s growth. “We’re adding these levels of distinction to the way you settle the world,” Beach said, as quoted by Gamespot. “Each time you settle your first city, start producing food, gold, culture, science, and everything vital to growth, we want it to feel different. We want you to consider your military differently. We want to encourage new approaches. We want it to feel like a new experience each time.”

Unite different infantry

You don’t have to worry about the concept of “one unit per tile” design. Different types of units can be sent along with others. A unit of solider can be tagged with a tank to improve their stability during ground battles.

Pumped to experience the game first-hand? The title is currently available for pre-order. Watch the trailer below.

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