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Civil War 2: Amazing Spider-Man #1 Initial Reviews, A Must-read

Civil War 2: Amazing Spider-Man #1 Initial Reviews, A Must-read
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Civil War 2: Amazing Spider-Man #1 Initial Reviews, A Must-read

Marvel’s Civil War 2: Amazing Spider-Man #1 seems to have taken into mind fan feedback seriously after its previous issue. The comic has already received initial reviews, and it’s filled with positive feedback from fans and critics.

Civil War 2 gives Spider-Man the limelight

This issue has extensively worked on involving Spider-Man deeply into the plot. Although Peter Parker has been a main character in the original Civil War, the superhero has always been the confused one, switching sides in the series. However, in this issue, the intro starts with Spidey taking the lead and fighting a bunch of upgraded Vulturions.

IGN’s review on Civil War 2 appreciated taking in writer Christos Gage (known for works on TV series Daredevil), whose script syncs well with artist Travel Foreman.

IGN decided to give the comic book a score of 8.5/10 with its verdict, “Regardless of how the main Civil War II series fares, it seems we can expect some solid tie-ins from Marvel’s latest big crossover. Civil War II: Amazing Spider-Man #1 looks and reads like a logical extension of both Civil War II and the ongoing Amazing Spider-Man comic. Best of all, it works as an enjoyable Spider-Man adventure even if you have no interest in Civil War II.”

In terms of visual appeal, thanks to YouTuber ComicBookCast2, we were able to catch a few glimpses of Spider-Man swinging from building to building. The artwork has improved, and we came across a few pages where there seems to be hilarious moments like Peter Parker and Johnny Storm naked and having a conversation. Overall, the comic book is an interesting read. After all, it has been rated 7/10 by the YouTuber.

Lastly, Newsarama has rated the issue an 8/10 for remarkably portraying Peter Parker as Spider-Man in the dynamic Marvel Universe.

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