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Ciara, Russell Wilson Married: Wedding Pictures Found On Social Media

Ciara, Russell Wilson Married: Wedding Pictures Found On Social Media

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Ciara, Russell Wilson Married: Wedding Pictures Found On Social Media

Ciara and Russell Wilson married? Twitter users are abuzz  with a photo that shows Ciara in a wedding gown holding hands with Russell Wilson, making them believe that the two have already tied the knot.


A more recent report claimed that the pictures were actually pre-wedding dinner photos. The two are reportedly tying the knot in England this weekend, with 100 of their closest friends and family, as reported by TMZ.

Original article: 

Ciara and Russell Wilson married? 

Naturally, there are also those who question the photo while others just went with what they saw and congratulate Ciara. But instead of being a happy day (albeit quite a secret one), Ciara is allegedly worried that her ex-fiance Future will kill Russell Wilson.

Ciara herself expressed these fears of Future murdering Russell Wilson through her defamation case. The legal documents showed that Ciara is worried the father of her son can carry out the various “death threats” made against Wilson, as reported by TMZ.

Ciara and Russell Wilson secret wedding? 

Ciara also cited a tweet in which Future showed two footballs with gun emojis pointing at them, hinting that he will shoot the Seattle Seahawks quarterback.

Ciara also claimed that Future’s new song, “Juice” has very telling lyrics. “Tryna f–k my baby mama, dog what’s up with you?/You gon’ make me get that heat, I’m pulling up on you,” for her meant Future will deal with Russell Wilson soon.

Future to murder Russell Wilson?

The documents also showed that Ciara called these threats “frightening” and “socially irresponsible” at a time when gun violence has become the rage in the nation.

Future has not directly reacted to these rumors but he took the time to remind people of who he is on Instagram — “the fastest artist to earn three #1 albums in the last 50 years.” He also captioned this photo with “I put my own work in, no publicity.” He added though that people should stop with the fake news about him.

“Let me focus on being great & leave me out the fake shit plzzzz #jusgettinstarted,” he wrote.

He then added through Twitter, “Wish everyone could move on like me…that’s my only wish.”

Is Ciara and Russell Wilson married? Did they rush it to respond to Future’s alleged death threats? See the pictures below!

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