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Chum Lee Probation: “Pawn Stars” Actor Starts Anew

Chum Lee Probation: “Pawn Stars” Actor Starts Anew
Chum Lee from Pawnstars On History / Facebook

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Chum Lee Probation: “Pawn Stars” Actor Starts Anew

Chum Lee of the “Pawn Stars” fame is now starting on a clean slate. He said he is done with that bleak phase of his life and he says that he wants to forget the past and start anew.

News 3 shared Gerard Ramalho’s exclusive interview on the actor. The fan favorite shared that he was grateful for having his fans and said that he is ready to move on. He admitted that he has to live with the outcome of his choices. He also showed humility and regret for the wrong choices he has made.

He also revealed that he has learned from his mistakes and appreciates his present situation that he can move on and get back to his productive life.

Chum Lee also hinted that he is into transformation and in the process, focuses on charity works. He is currently proving to the court that he is not going to be a threat to society. In fact, he is making good on his plea deal so that his court records will be fixed soon.

He assured his fans that he will be seen regularly in the pawnshop and on the show. It is good to see the actor active again after a few months of silence from the public. He is in good spirit these days as he meets fans in the pawnshop. Fans keep on giving donations for his beneficiary institutions that supports epileptic patients.

He is currently under probation as reported in Deadline for pleading guilty on one count of gun possession and one on drug possession.  His arrest last March 9 that resulted from contrabands seized from his house. He was eventually pinned him with 20 felony cases is now a thing of the past.

Chum Lee now resumes his role in “Pawn Stars,” his appraisal work and his DJ gig. He has now a fresh momentum to live a meaningful and happy life. He also finds fulfillment in being generous to other people.

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