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Chum Lee Of ‘Pawn Stars’ Redeems His Life; Does Charity Works And Lives Healthy

Chum Lee Of ‘Pawn Stars’ Redeems His Life; Does Charity Works And Lives Healthy
Chum Lee from Pawnstars On History / Facebook


Chum Lee Of ‘Pawn Stars’ Redeems His Life; Does Charity Works And Lives Healthy

History Channel’s “Pawn Stars” was thrust into the limelight when one of its well-loved actors was dragged in a scandal. Sexual assault and possession of contraband were charged to Chum Lee.

However, he was freed on bail and eventually granted probation when he pleaded guilty. His dark days working on his cases obscured the popularity he gained on the show.

These days, according to Blasting News, Chum Lee is seen bouncing back to life. He was reported to have maintained his Paleo diet and totally shunned carbohydrates and red meat. His appearance nowadays is much better even before his legal battle.

His perspective in life has changed also. In fact, he did charity works at the Gold and Silver Pawnshop, not only to mark his return but to give back. The pawnshop big boss, Richard Harrison, reinstated him on his job and soon on the reality show.

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Right after his probation started, he hinted on social media that he will be back on the show. It is probable that he will appear again as the customer assistant on the pawnshop.

With the way he does things at present, the police authorities might eventually book him for misdemeanor instead of felony. His probation condition states that if he comes clean during his term, his cases will be lightened.

According to Morning Ledger, he is preparing for his “Pawn Stars” comeback. He is making his body fit and healthy. His buddy Corey Harrison does the same too.

The actor was lucky to have people like the Harrisons that supported him all the way. His fans never left him groping in the dark. The History Channel also never issued statements to his detriment.

Chum Lee is back with a clean slate. His future will be brighter after he has weathered the storms.

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