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Chum Lee Marked Pawn Stars Comeback With Charity Works For Kids

Chum Lee Marked Pawn Stars Comeback With Charity Works For Kids
Chum Lee from Pawnstars On History / Facebook


Chum Lee Marked Pawn Stars Comeback With Charity Works For Kids

Chum Lee has made his comeback at the pawnshop as the appraiser. Austin Lee Russell did charity works at the Gold and Silver Pawnshop.

According to The BitBag, he hosted a meet and greet event for charity. Fans had photos taken with him from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Some lucky fans and their friends also ate with him.

Anyone who donated $100 or more received a chance to have a private lunch with Chum Lee. Only five slots on a daily basis were available on a first come first serve basis.

The meet and greet was for free but Lee accepts donations. The proceeds will be given to chosen charitable institutions. These organizations include Epilepsy Foundation of So. Nevada, HELP of Southern Nevada, Noah’s Animal Shelter, Children’s Heart Foundation, and Grant A Gift and Shine Family Foundation.

Chum Lee hinted his comeback right after he started his probation period for his felony cases. He has gotten back to his work again and lives his usual life. In fact, he has already resumed doing DJ gigs. Only some reporting to the parole and probation officer on a regular basis will be required of him.

If he goes clean after the probation period, his cases will be lessened to misdemeanor only. His charity works can help him project a renewed image that is required of him.

Chum Lee was lucky to have the Harrisons as his fall back during his darkest times at the court. Their support for the man that they consider as family member was what Russell needed during his incarceration. He was freed on a $62,000 bail.

After his cases have been decided and his lawyers got his plea deal, his childhood friend, Corey Harrison worked out with him. They are now on their exercise and diet program according to Blasting News.

“Pawn Stars” will be the same famous and patronized show on television because the lovable Chum Lee is back again.

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