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Chromecast now plays embedded videos on TV

Chromecast now plays embedded videos on TV


Chromecast now plays embedded videos on TV

Chromecast can now play YouTube videos embedded on a website or a page, on TV. Earlier, for streaming embedded videos you need to open the YouTube website to play a specific embedded video. Google has updated on its YouTube forum that Chromecast is going to support and stream most of embedded videos in various websites and static pages.

Chromecast is a streaming media player device that connects your TV with your laptop or tablet to stream your videos and watch them on the television screen. Chromecast has been rated best streaming media player in USA by amazon. Before this update, while using Chromecast you had to open embedded video separately in YouTube website or mobile app to stream it on TV, which was a lot of pain for users.

Plus, most of the videos are embedded between news pages or magazines and people just want to watch the video in between reading article and want to skip it back to the article. To end this misery which google was noticing for a long time, Google update YouTube, which was first found and shared by Android Police. Google’s new update has added a feature to most of the videos; a familiar cast button will appear at right bottom corner, by clicking on which you will have the option to stream that particular video into TV. (By mentioning most of videos means videos which are embedded and shared publicly, new policies doesn’t apply on private videos). For instance live YouTube videos are exempted from this feature.

For connecting Chromecast streaming tor embedded videos, you need to install Chrome Cast extension in Google chrome. By clicking Chrome cast extension only will not play video until your machine and Chromecast are not connected to the same network. Cast button also works with other devices like the Roku set-top box. Since Chromecast is mostly available in US stores, but Google is planning to launch Chromecast in UK stores soon, so pre-fixing issues will add pre market hype for Google’s product.

System requirements for Chromecast as per mention on Google support page are “Chromecast requires YouTube app version 4.5.17 or higher on Android or version 1.4 or higher on iOS.” Use this new feature provided by Google and comment us with your feedback.

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