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Christy Sheats 911 Call: Listen & Read Full Transcript Of Taylor & Neighbor’s Call While Shooting Happens

Christy Sheats 911 Call: Listen & Read Full Transcript Of Taylor & Neighbor’s Call While Shooting Happens
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Christy Sheats 911 Call: Listen & Read Full Transcript Of Taylor & Neighbor’s Call While Shooting Happens

Following a family tragedy in Fort Bend that resulted in the death of Taylor and Madison Sheats, Fort Bend County Sherrif’s Office has released the 911 calls made on the day Christy Sheats brutally killed her own daughters.

The calls reveal a chilling account of what happened in the Sheats home with Christy’s daughters and husband Jason Sheats pleading for their lives.

The first call is filled with a lot of screaming in the background as Taylor, Madison and Jason seem to be held at gunpoint by Christy.

“I promise you… Please put down your gun,” Jason says in panic.

In the background, a woman can be heard saying, “I’m so sorry,” while another woman begs, “Please!”

Jason continues to beg soon after. “Please don’t point the gun at us. I’m sorry, I promise you, whatever you want…” At some point during this call, Christy can be heard saying, “Shut up.”

When the second 911 call is made from the Sheats residence, Taylor can be heard saying, “I’m shot.” The 911 dispatcher tries to get the address of their home. The dispatch urges,” Ma’am?”

The only reply that came back is faint sobbing and a plea from Taylor. “Please.” The line goes dead.

Meanwhile, the third 911 call came from one of the Sheats neighbors. He says, “We need an ambulance right away. Two people, I believe they’re shot…” He’s asked to stay on the line. The dispatcher asks, “You think they got shot, you say.” He promptly responds, “Yes.”

He then proceeds to explain the situation, “There’s a lady with a gun.” The dispatcher asks him where the lady with the gun was. He says, ” She’s coming out of the house right now. Two people shot outside, two people shot outside.”

The dispatcher asks where Christy was at that time and if she was still shooting. The neighbor responds, “No, she’s not shooting but the gun is in her hand.” When asked if he knows the lady, the neighbor simply says, “They’re my neighbors.”

He also says he didn’t recognize the two people who had been shot. He also manages to inform the dispatcher that Christy was wearing a purple dress.

He then confirms that there are “2 ladies laying on street” and that there’s a “guy trying to help them but the lady is on top of one of them with a gun on her hand.” Of Christy’s daughters, he also notes, “It looks like both of them are alive.”

The neighbor says, “She’s trying to shoot again, but apparently she don’t have anymore bullets.” He then tells the dispatcher that Christy is making her way back into the house. “It looks like she’s going to look for more bullets,” he remarks. “I don’t know where the guy went, but apparently he’s yelling at her.”

It doesn’t take long before Christy emerged outside the house again. “Oh! She shot her again, from the back, she’s trying to run… She’s shooting again, they’re running down the street.” The neighbor confirms to the dispatcher that she shot one of her daughters trying to run away. Later on, the neighbor says he can see Christy on the floor after hearing bullets. He thinks Christy had shot herself.

According to Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office, Christy Sheats had called for a family meeting on the day of the shooting. Jason thought she was going to talk about the decision to file for a divorce. Instead, she pulled out her .38 caliber handgun and started shooting.

Prior to the shooting, the police department revealed that there have been calls for service made from the Sheats dating back to 2012. Three had been regarding suicide attempts by Christy while five were said to be false alarms. Meanwhile, there was one medical call, one verbal altercation, and a 911 call in which Christy requested to speak to a deputy.

As for Christy’s motive for shooting her daughters to death, Sheriff Troy Nehls said, “She wanted him (Jason) to suffer.” Christy was said to be suffering from anxiety and depression.

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