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Christopher Nolan Movie ‘Dunkirk’ Update: Release Date Confirmed, Trailer Out

Christopher Nolan Movie ‘Dunkirk’ Update: Release Date Confirmed, Trailer Out
Dunkirk Warner Bros. Pictures / Facebook


Christopher Nolan Movie ‘Dunkirk’ Update: Release Date Confirmed, Trailer Out

Christopher Nolan is back in action with his upcoming title “Dunkirk.” The Warner Bros. movie has been teased from a long time. Finally the studio has released its announcement teaser trailer.

Earlier this year in May, the studio officially confirmed that Director Christopher Nolan had started shooting for Dunkirk via their Facebook page. The movie is an “epic action thriller” that depicts a battle fought during World War II.

Christopher Nolan is also bringing back most of the cast from his previous movies. Tom Hardy (Bane) and Cillian Murphy (Scarecrow) from Batman series are starring in the movie. Furthermore, the cinematographer of the film is Hoyte Van Hoytema. He also shot Nolan’s Interstellar in 2014.

According to the movie’s official synopsis, the story sets off as “Allied soldiers from Belgium, Britain and France are surrounded by the German army and evacuated during a fierce battle in World War II.”

The footage shown in the teaser trailer certainly peaks every Nolan fan’s interest. We see glimpses of the army men in the battlefield. Before concluding, the teaser ends showing more than a battalion of soldiers, cornered and  looking up to a possible air raid. The Soldier’s faces seem to be filled with fear as they know they can’t avoid the inevitable and dug for cover.

“Dunkirk” movie was written by Christopher Nolan himself. The director will be co-producing it along with his spouse Emma Thomas. Fans can expect the film to be released on July 19th, 2017.

Cinematographer Hoyte Van Hoyrema used 65mm and IMAX film cameras to shoot the movie. fans can check out the trailer with better experience in IMAX while its screened as a promo in Warner Bros upcoming movie, “Suicide Squad.”

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