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Chrissy Teigen Hits Back On Haters, Calls Them Passive Aggressive

Chrissy Teigen Hits Back On Haters, Calls Them Passive Aggressive
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Chrissy Teigen Hits Back On Haters, Calls Them Passive Aggressive

Chrissy Teigen is well known for being outspoken, especially on Twitter when her haters step out of bounds. Remember how she had reacted to their unsolicited advice on food while she was pregnant?

It seems that haters cannot help but mind all her actions — including having a simple dinner after she gave birth to a baby girl. Haters seem to think it’s bad parenting for Teigen to have a night out when she has a wee one waiting for her at home.

As if Teigen will leave her kid without someone to keep a watchful eye on her. Teigen and John Legend has given birth to a baby girl recently on April 14, so the baby is now more than a week’s old and some believe that is too young to be left under just anyone’s care.

On Saturday Night, Chrissy and her husband John had been out on the first dinner date since their daughter was born, reports Refinery 29. They were spotted in West Hollywood, at The Nice Guy. Teigen sported a sheer top with leggings and she looked much like a model turned new mom.  Some of her Twitter haters were quick to express their surprise about Teigen’s decision to go out and enjoy leaving behind their just born at home.

The reactions got to Teigen, because she took to her Twitter and posted a sarcastic statement. “I went to dinner. People are pissed. Good morning,” she wrote. “I never wanted to leave my daughter, i love her, BUT THAT’S JUST ME” – the passive aggressiveness is real!” she fired off as well.

She also added screenshots of the haters’ tweets along with her message. Wendy Williams, the daytime talk show host asked people to leave Chrissy alone, reports, E Online. She said there are women who have remarked about Chrissy and they have never had a child. It is also not big of a deal that Teigen went out for dinner.

Teigen, an avid food lover will soon launch her personal recipes collated in a book. She is keen about food and has been Instagramming all her favorite recipes for quite a time already.

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