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Chris Rogers’ Dizzy Spells Continue, Set For Further Tests And Treatment In London

Chris Rogers’ Dizzy Spells Continue, Set For Further Tests And Treatment In London
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Chris Rogers’ Dizzy Spells Continue, Set For Further Tests And Treatment In London

Thirty-seven-year-old Australian cricketer Chris Rogers continues to experience dizzy spells and would proceed to London for further tests and treatment. Rogers was declared unfit to participate in the Ashes squad on Wednesday.

Rogers has been scheduled to take series of tests in London on July 23, and another on Friday to examine the nerve to his vestibular apparatus. His treatment would include physiotherapy to concentrate on the affected area. It was said that his physiotherapist would see Rogers on Friday.

Rogers suffered from dizziness two days after he sustained a blow by a helmet from bouncer Jimmy Anderson, on Lords’ Test, although doctors ruled out concussions. Initial scans revealed the left-handed batsman’ dizzy spells have something to do with a “damage to the vestibular apparatus” near the inner right ear.

A report from ESPN says Rogers continued to be off-balanced on Sunday. Dr. Peter Brukner, the team’s doctor and Rogers consulted specialists in London with further tests on balance ordered. Results would be released on Friday, it has been reported.

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“We took him to have an MRI scan on Sunday and the MRI was fine,” Brukner told the media. “We also got another scan there because sometimes you can actually have small fracture associated with that injury, we had a specific scan, a CT scan, and that ruled out the fracture. We’ve ruled out brain, we ruled out a fracture, so we were left with the damage to the vestibular apparatus.”

The doctor added they went to see an expert in vestibular and balance in London and the specialist confirmed the finding — damage to the vestibular apparatus.

“She’s ordered some more tests, which are basically balance tests — there are different components of the vestibular and balance system. There’s various tests than can identify which of these components is working and which one is damaged,” Burke said.

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Last month, Rogers announced his retirement after the 2015 Ashes series. But after scoring well at the second Lord’s Test, no confirmation about his retirement was made. The Sydney-born cricketer played in England’s county cricket for 10 years. He started playing for Australia when he reached 30.

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