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Chris Hemsworth Reads Rihanna’s ‘Work’ Sexily — Watch!

Chris Hemsworth Reads Rihanna’s ‘Work’ Sexily — Watch!
Chris Hemsworth Ronald Woan/Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA

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Chris Hemsworth Reads Rihanna’s ‘Work’ Sexily — Watch!

Rihanna’s hit song “Work” has been making waves since its inception, primarily because of the singer’s accent and the song’s catchy tunes. Chris Hemsworth has now given a new spin to the song by reading the lyrics slowly and sexily.

Australian actor known as Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Chris Hemsworth, gave a sexy version of Rihanna’s hit song “Work.” No, he did not sing it, but he read it so slowly and sexily it was almost delightful to the ear.

When Hemsworth dropped by “The Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw” on BBC Radio 1, Hemsworth impressed the host with a dramatic rendition of “Work.” He was so game he even threw in a joke about the song. He said, “It drummed up a whole lot of feelings, emotions, and past experiences.”

He added, “It makes you just want to get to work. Hear that, kids? Get a job.”

Hemsworth making time to give this delicious treat to fans is amazing. The guy has a seriously busy schedule, it’s crazy. He recently made an appearance on “The Graham Norton Show” alongside the Jessica Chastain to promote his latest film “The Huntsman: Winter’s War,” which will hit the big screen on April 22.

As reported by Evening Standard, Hemsworth talked about funny experiences in his life. The actor said that people often confuse him for his younger brother Liam Hemsworth. “Now I have a beard it happens more. The first time was at the premiere of the Star Trek film,” he explained.

“It was the first big thing I had done and I remember thinking, ‘Wow, this is the beginning of my career,’ and a bunch of people were there and they’re like, ‘Chris, Chris, Chris’, and then ran straight past me to Liam,” he added.

“I thought he was going to correct them but he just winked at me and started signing autographs! That was my first little brush with fame!,” he joked.

As reported by Collider, the actor is also filming the fantasy drama motion picture “Thor: Ragnarok” with director Taika Waititi. Ragnarok is slated to fire up in theaters on October 25, 2017 under Marvel Studios. Watch how he reads Rihanna’s  “Work” below!

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