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Chris Hemsworth, Ellen DeGeneres Reward Honest Teen

Chris Hemsworth, Ellen DeGeneres Reward Honest Teen
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Chris Hemsworth, Ellen DeGeneres Reward Honest Teen

A 17-year-old boy did not only get monetary rewards but also the respect and admiration of Chris Hemsworth and Ellen DeGeneres for his honesty.

On Monday, while guesting on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” the 32-year-old “Thor” actor revealed how he lost his wallet after having dinner in Los Angeles, reported. “I left my wallet on the table, and thought I’m never going to get it back, I’m never going to see it again,” he recalled.

Good thing, his wallet got into the hands of Tristin Budzyn-Baker, an honest teenager who has an equally honest mother. “I looked up at my mom, and was like ‘mom, do you know who this is?” the boy told her mother after realizing that he found one of Chris Hemsworth’s personal belongings. “We found Thor’s wallet.”

As relayed by the entertainment site, the mother-and-son tandem of modern-day superheroes immediately wrote the actor’s management to tell them that they would like to return his lost wallet, but would like to ask for a simple request – if they could join the “Avengers: Age of Ultron” star in his talk show appearance.

Of course, they agreed and had him seated with his mother on the front row. However, the actor brought the boy up on stage. “I expected [the wallet] was going to be empty, and all the cash was in there, so I want to give you the cash — there’s a little extra in there,” Chris Hemsworth said, with DeGeneres giving an additional $10,000 reward for his honesty.

Apart from it, he also got a recommendation from Thor to his scout troop. “You’re an amazing young man and thank you for being such an honest guy,” the Melbourne-born actor quipped.

In the meantime, The Courier Mail reported that the Chris Hemsworth, who started to become famous via his portrayal of Kim Hyde in the Aussie TV series “Home and Away,” is set to join his buddy Kelly Slater in Fiji for another surfing adventure together.

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