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Chris Brown Faking Repentance With ‘Welcome to my Life: The Official Chris Brown Documentary?’

Chris Brown Faking Repentance With ‘Welcome to my Life: The Official Chris Brown Documentary?’
Chris Brown Eva Rinaldi/Wikimedia Commons CC

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Chris Brown Faking Repentance With ‘Welcome to my Life: The Official Chris Brown Documentary?’

It’s been years since the violent collision between the American singer Chris Brown and the “Umbrella” hitmaker Rihanna in 2009. After the battered face photos of Rihanna emerged online, the incident became one of the most notorious domestic abuse incidents of the 21st century.

Brown is finally detailing his side on the abuse and what the case did to his career and life through a documentary entitled   “Welcome to my Life: The Official Chris Brown Documentary.” Brown tweeted the trailer to the upcoming documentary  on Sunday, wherein he can be seen and heard expressing his regret for the act he did. “I went from being on top of the world, No. 1 songs, being kind of like America’s sweetheart to being Public Enemy No. 1,” he said.

Brown added that after his assault of Rihanna became public, he felt suicidal. “I felt like a f—ing monster … I was thinking about suicide, I wasn’t sleeping, I barely ate,” he said.

TIME claimed that Brown ended The Official Chris Brown Documentary trailer with a message that showed how down he was at the time. “If there was ever a doubt in your mind Chris Brown was done, he was finished: I wouldn’t bet on it,” he said.

While it’s admirable that he is cleaning the air now, one can only wonder why he’s doing this now. It’s not as if he turned a new leaf. Back in January 2016, E Online reported that the “Turn Up The Music” singer got cited for a possible misdemeanor battery and theft, after a woman asserted the artist assaulted her and took her cell phone.

Brown was eventually proven innocent and wasn’t arrested or charged with a crime. Brown’s representative said in a statement that the woman’s accusations to Brown were “completely false.” Regardless, Brown already posted a harsh video bashing the woman’s personality and identity because of her accusations.

Below is the said trailer:

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