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Chocolate Maker Sends Town On Special A Golden Ticket Hunt

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Chocolate Maker Sends Town On Special A Golden Ticket Hunt

One chocolate company is giving away special golden tickets all over town. And in true Wily Wonka fashion, you may just discover this ticket when you open a special chocolate bar.

Tavernier Chocolates is sending the entire downtown Brattleboro for a special golden ticket hunt. There are 1,000 chocolate bars going around the area for limited time and only three of them would contain a golden a ticket. And what’s special about this ticket is that it entitles the winner to a prize that’s worth $400.

Golden ticket offers free parking for a year.

“Three bars will contain winning tickets good for FREE parking for a year in downtown Bratt,” Tavernier Chocolate explained. The idea is that with free parking, people would be inclined to hang out in the area a bit more. This way, local business would have a better chance to earn too.

At the same time, the promotion aims to boost presence in the area at a time when not many people are typically around. ” In Vermont, we’re in what’s known as the mud season. The promotion was meant to bring people into downtown when it’s pretty quiet,” Tavernier’s John Singer told Inside Edition.

To get the promo started, Tavernier Chocolates said they already delivered chocolate bars to various local merchants in the area. Each bar is said to be $3.25. However, the chocolates were sold to merchants at wholesale prices. “Whatever they make on them will be theirs to keep,” Tavernier’s Dar Tavernier explained.

Meanwhile, the chocolate company assures everyone that even without the golden ticket, their special chocolate bars still make for an amazing sweet treat. “If you don’t unwrap a ticket, you still get to enjoy a tasty chocolate bar, a win-win situation,” the company explained.

Brattleboro’s Golden Ticket chocolate bars are dark chocolate bars with maple nuggets. These nuggets were specially sourced from The Bunker Farm in Dummerston, Vermont. To try one, you can buy a bar from several shops in downtown Brattleboro. These include Altiplano, Boomerang, Candle in the Night, Brattleboro Food Co-Op, The Lounge, duo Restaurant, Brattleboro Bike Shop, The B’s Nest, Hand Knits, Renaissance Fine Jewelry, Everyone’s Books, Vermont Artisans and more.

Free tickets to special screening up for grabs too.

The Brattleboro’s Golden Ticket promo will only run until May 14. On the other hand, Tavernier Chocolates also has another special surprise for everyone who loves chocolates. All the way until May 7, the chocolate company will be giving away 100 free tickets to the special showing of the original “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” at Latchis Theatre. “Some of them will appear on windshields around town as our parking enforcement gets in on the fun!” the company added. The screening will be on May 7 at 4 PM.

Indeed, life is better with chocolate.

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