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Chocolate Chair LA: Facts About ‘Dragon’s Breath’ Dessert

Chocolate Chair LA: Facts About ‘Dragon’s Breath’ Dessert
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Chocolate Chair LA: Facts About ‘Dragon’s Breath’ Dessert

A dessert that lets people exhale smoke from the mouth and nostrils has made its way in an eating joint in Los Angeles.

The “smoke” that people are able to breathe out after consuming the dessert is actually liquid nitrogen. Aptly named Dragon’s Breath, the dessert, served at LA’s Chocolate Chair, comprises cereal puffs with liquid nitrogen poured over them.

The dessert is flash frozen, which gives the liquid nitrogen a fog-like texture.

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According to the Los Angeles Magazine, Dragon’s Breath is served in a venti-sized cup. Users can go for different flavored dippings including strawberry, chocolate and rose, all made up of nonfat yogurt and syrup.

The craze for what has now become a massively popular dessert, the fame of Dragon’s Breath dates back to 2013. On his website Dean McDermott, who made the dessert on “Rachel vs. Guy,” gaining the admiration of kids and adults alike, explains the recipe for making the delicacy.

“Sometimes chocolate and marshmallows aren’t enough for a show-stopping dessert, and you need that extra special ingredient – MAGIC!,” McDermott says on his website. It is a “great dessert recipe that gives you the chance to play around before you use the technique with expensive ingredients.”

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Check out the complete recipe here.

The popular dessert has also made its way into Japantown’s Chocolate Chair. According to SF Gate, “the frigid balls taste like Fruit Loops and are far from delicious, but the show they put on is great fun.”

Dragon’s Breath: Safety precaution while consuming dessert

As previously reported by Morning News USA, one must take into consideration the danger of consuming liquid nitrogen. The sign outside LA’s Chocolate Chair reads, “Nitrogen Liquid can be dangerous. Please do not touch nor ingest nitrogen liquid.” While the nitrogen poured over the cereal puffs gets evaporated, making it safe to consume, the liquid that settles at the bottom of the cup should neither be touched nor drank.

Chocolate Chair has its branches in the following locations:
Los Angeles: 621 S. Western Avenue (Madang Mall)
Buena Park: 5142 Beach Boulevard (H Mart Mall)
San Francisco: 1737 Post St. (Japan Center)
Santa Clara: 3561 El Camino Real (Lawrence Plaza, Cafe Milan)

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