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Chipotle Linked To Salmonella Outbreak In Minnesota

Chipotle Linked To Salmonella Outbreak In Minnesota
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Chipotle Linked To Salmonella Outbreak In Minnesota

The Minnesota Health Department (MDH) revealed that health officials are investigating an outbreak of salmonella linked to a number of Chipotle restaurants.

The Minnesota Health Department (MDH) recently revealed that health officials are currently investigating an outbreak of salmonella infection that has been linked to a number of Chipotle restaurants. Since September 2, there have been as much as 45 cases of Salmonella Newport infection in Minnesota.

So far, health officials have managed to interview 32 of the people that have been infected with Salmonella. They report that as much as 17 of them “ate or likely ate” in one of the 17 Chipotle restaurant locations in the area sometime between August 16 and August 26. They then started becoming ill between August 20 and August 29.

Health officials are currently focusing their investigations on seven Chipotle restaurant locations. These include 7 Corners (Minneapolis), Bloomington, Calhoun, Crystal, Hopkins, Maple Grove, Maplewood, Minnetonka, Richfield, Ridgedale, Rochester, Shoreview, St. Cloud, St. Louis Park, St. Paul Lawson, Uptown, and US Bank Plaza (Minneapolis). And although they acknowledge that there may be other Chipotle locations possibly affected by salmonella as well, it is largely believed that locations outside of Minnesota are not affected.

People affected by the recent Salmonella Newport outbreak range from 15 to 67 years old. They reside among eight metro and greater Minnesota counties. Moreover, about 56% of the infected residents are male.

As MDH continue to work with the Minnesota Department of Agriculture to identify the specific food item source that started the outbreak, Chipotle Mexican Grill has already gone ahead and changed the supplier of the food item source that is currently under investigation. Furthermore, investigators believe that as Chipotle is taking necessary steps needed to make eating in their restaurants safe, the possible ongoing transmission of salmonella from the popular food chain “has ended.”

Meanwhile, April Beck, a Minnesota resident who has been infected by Salmonella Newport after eating in a Chipotle restaurant, has filed a lawsuit against the popular restaurant chain. According to the court document, Beck dined at a Chipotle resturant located at 2600 Hennepin Ave. S. on August 10. She started experiencing mild stomach cramps and diarrhea five days later. As she started getting worse, Beck was finally taken to the hospital on August 23.

After undergoing IV fluid treatment, she was released on September 1. However, she had to be readmitted the next day as she started experiencing blood clots in her arms. Her infection was confirmed to be Salmonella and MDH has gotten in touch with her. Even after her second hospital release on September 4, Beck continues to experience blood clotting and diarrhea. Beck is seeking damages from Chipotle with the amount yet to be determined.

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As the investigation continues, MDH is also quick to assure the public that the recent salmonella outbreak related to cucumbers is not linked to Chipotle.

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