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Chipotle Lets Workers Earn A Business Degree In 18 Months

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Chipotle Lets Workers Earn A Business Degree In 18 Months

At Chipotle Mexican Grill, employees can attend a university in order to further their career in the restaurant industry. And the best part? They can get a business degree in just 18 months.

“This degree enables our employees to apply what they learn in the classroom to their work at Chipotle and vice versa,” Chipotle founder, chairman and CEO Steve Ells said in a statement. Recently, the restaurant chain that it is offering a customized Bachelor’s Degree in Business. It is designed to integrate theory with hands-on applied learning. In doing so, the course can help employees improve their careers within the company.

Course combines various aspects of business operations.

The course has been developed in partnership with Bellevue University. It includes courses regarding various aspects of business operations. These include marketing, decision making and business development. “The new degree program extends a series of education benefits we’ve been putting in place over the last couple of years to help better equip our employees for success at Chipotle and beyond,” Ells further explained.

In 18 months, a Chipotle employee can earn a business degree.

What’s more, the course fits perfectly into an employee’s schedule. When combined with previous school and credits received through internal training, it can be completed in just 18 months. And because the course is using a cohort format, students can readily share and learn from their own experiences. “One of the best ways we can help working students succeed is to leverage their real-life experiences and skills,” Bellevue University College of Business dean Rebecca Murdock explained.

New Chipotle business course comes with tuition assistance, benefits.

Chipotle employees who would be taking up the business course will also receive more than a degree. In fact, they will receive benefits, such as an application for federal financial aid and the assistance of a personal success coach. Meanwhile, they will be eligible for as much as $5,250 in tuition assistance each year.

The new business degree from Chipotle is actually just one of the 30 degrees that the company is offering through its education assistance program. The said program readily provides employees the opportunity to earn their college credits while continuing to work at Chipotle.

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