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Chinese Espionage In America Confirmed! Engineer Steals Nuclear Weapon Data From US

Chinese Espionage In America Confirmed! Engineer Steals Nuclear Weapon Data From US
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Chinese Espionage In America Confirmed! Engineer Steals Nuclear Weapon Data From US

A nuclear engineer has been arrested by the U.S. government on charges of Chinese espionage in America after he was caught stealing data from the U.S.

It is alleged that the Chinese energy company, linked to Britain’s Hinkley Point nuclear power station, was charged with nuclear espionage in America. According to The Guardian, Dr Szuhsiung “Allen” Ho, the man charged with Chinese espionage, was born in Taiwan. He currently lives in Wilmington, Delaware.

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Ho came to the U.S. in 1973 to begin classes at the University of California. After a year, he got married to his wife Anne. In 1980, he received a PhD in nuclear engineering from the University of Illinois. After that, he became a normal U.S. citizen three years later.

Sources said that the allegation against the state-owned China General Nuclear Power (CGN) involves a conspiracy to steal U.S. industry secrets to help the development of Chinese technology. Ho is charged with aiding a foreign power to develop nuclear materials. Ho is a a senior adviser to CGN. He is going to make an appearance in court next week.

He was also accused of employing U.S. experts to find secret information. However, he denies the charges. Accusation from prosecutors said that Ho tempted U.S. nuclear experts at the federally owned Tennessee Valley Authority energy corporation. He paid them bribes for passing sensitive information to Beijing.

Further allegations stated that Ho was unable to register with the Department of Justice as an agent of a foreign state and that the Chinese government paid him.

In a report, the Telegraph said that Chinese espionage in America came into light after Lord Mandelson warned that Theresa May must take a firm step on whether or not to permit the Hinkley Point project. Although Britain is at risk of harming extremely important economic ties with China, the project has been currently paused.

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