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China ‘Should Just Shoot Down’ AU, US Aircraft Flying In South China Sea, Columnist Says

China ‘Should Just Shoot Down’ AU, US Aircraft Flying In South China Sea, Columnist Says
SECNAV departs a Chinese submarine Official US Navy Page / Flickr CC BY 2.0


China ‘Should Just Shoot Down’ AU, US Aircraft Flying In South China Sea, Columnist Says

China “should just shoot down” any Australian reconnaissance flight spotted over the South China Sea, wrote Zeng Jinrun, a columnist whose article was published by China’s state-run website, the Global Times. It will only take one military aircraft to be shot down over the disputed region for China to scare all others away, Jinrun stated.

Australian aircraft should be shot down

In any instance that Australia proceeds with its plan of sending reconnaissance flights over the South China Sea, China should not just issue warning like it did with U.S., Jinrun wrote. This is the high price that Australia shall pay with its decision to side with U.S., the columnist stated.

“If an Australian military aircraft arrives as planned, China should use Russia as an example and take bold action and send our military aircraft to drive it away. If this does not work we should just shoot it down,” Jinrun wrote as quoted by The Australian Financial Review or AFR.

It was earlier reported by the Morning News USA that China and the U.S. have been having tensions over the South China Sea and that a possible World Ward III could be brewing. The U.S. has also been reported to be planning on sending B-1 Bombers to Australia to curtail China.

AFR said that the commentary bears extra weight as it was published by the Global Times, a website affiliated to People’s Daily, “the official mouthpiece of the Communist Party.” The commentary came after reports that Australia is sending military aircraft to patrol over the contested region. The website earlier published that China is willing to accept the call for war if the U.S. do not stop meddling with their business with the tiny islands in Malaysia, Brunei and the Philippines, a U.S. ally.

“We should not just send a warning like we did to the US, instead we should hold a grand ceremony to welcome its arrival. To kill one will scare the rest,” the piece reads.

U.S. should stop “coercive statement” – Chinese ambassador to U.S. Cui Tiankai

Ironically, Chinese ambassador to U.S. Cui Tiankai has warned people in the U.S. to stop making coercive statements as well as coercive actions in as far as the South China Sea is concerned. Despite the escalating tension between China and the U.S., Cui said the two nations will not go into war as what is greatly speculated.

“I don’t think we should allow this single issue to dominate our bilateral agenda. So I don’t think we should go to confrontation and conflicts just over this issue,” Cui told CNN.

He reiterated that all the Chinese activities over the region are fully within the scope of its sovereignty. Facilities being built are mainly for civilian purposes and will in fact “help ships of China and other countries.”

Asked about the Chinese military facilities and weapons already deployed in the islands, Cui said they are only for defense. He said that if there is any activity violating the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, it is the U.S. sending of military reconnaissance planes in the region.


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