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China Quits the Local OS Red Flag Linux

China Quits the Local OS Red Flag Linux


China Quits the Local OS Red Flag Linux

china closes linuxAfter failing to make any significant progress in the operating systems market, the answer of the China’s homegrown is to quit the venture altogether.

Red Flag Linux was competing the Windows in the market. The company has now finished all the contracts of the staff and has gone into bankrupting. The report by TechInAsia from the deserted headquarters of the company in Beijing declared the news.

The company was in trouble for quite some time after not being able to do perfect rivalry with Windows. During last year, Jia Dong, president of the Red Flag told the meeting of the staff that wages are to be withheld. The president also told that the company has to close its Headquarter in Beijing’s Haidian district after not being able to pay utilities and rent.

The staff is now paying more attention towards major shareholders of Red Flag, the institute of Software of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) in order to recovery the wages that are unpaid and amount to total of 15 million Yuan (£1.5 Million).

Red Flag was launched as a state-backed project fourteen years ago with quite funfair. It is now following face-losing fall from position of grace.

Red Flag failed to match Windows remotely even though some government departments were ordered to use the locally built OS, whether genuine or pirated versions.

In fact, Chinese government has carried out an expensive campaign to replace the fake licenses with the real ones in all the deals for the last few years.

Great support for Windows XP is found out in China that they even demanded the extension of support for the classic version of the Windows. China has tried to persuade the Microsoft in this regard also. They are of the point of view that Windows 8 would lead to more pirated versions being quite expensive.

Although, Red Flag has ended its tenure, yet China will continue its search for its rival in its own locality to reduce the dependence on the Windows.

Another project related to Ubuntu-pusher Canonical in collaboration with the China’s National University of defense technology and Integrated Chips Promotion Center and The China Software to create a Middle Kingdom flavored Linux Distribution.

This project is focusing on making the extended version of the Ubuntu pusher instead of making an alternative for Windows. This version of OS will be composed of Chinese characteristics.

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