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China To Mars By 2020: Powerful Long March 7 Space Rocket Launched Successfully

China To Mars By 2020: Powerful Long March 7 Space Rocket Launched Successfully
Artist’s impression of Mars four billion years ago European Southern Observatory / Flickr CC BY 2.0


China To Mars By 2020: Powerful Long March 7 Space Rocket Launched Successfully

Following China’s successful recovery of the experimental probe it launched aboard an advance space rocket Sunday, the world’s second most powerful country bared its plan to go to Mars by 2020. It was estimated that by September this year, China would have its second station in the international space station.

Just this week, China announced that it’s on schedule for a mission to the red planet, which might happen in 2020. This is on top of China’s plan to launch its second space station into orbit, the Tiangong 2, the Daily Mail reported.

Last Sunday, China was successfully able to launch its Viking 1 mission to Mars. The launch of the Long March 7 rocker was the prototype of the technology, which China will be using in its continuation of the Mars mission by the end 2020.

With this, Chinese officials are confident that the country will see the first men to land on Mars. A report from Space noted that the Long March 7 rocket was a scaled-down version of what the Chinese astronauts will use in its Mars mission in 2020. But the rocket has some of the vital technology of the actual rocket for its Mars mission.

The successful launch was followed by another success: landing. On Sunday, the capsule landed in China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The 53-meter-high, unmanned capsule weighs 597 metric tons and is capable of 13.5 tons of payload.

“The first mission of Long March 7 achieved the planned goal and opened a new chapter in China’s space lab project. Its success laid a solid foundation for the project’s upcoming missions. The launch aimed at testing the design and capabilities of Long March 7 as well as the capacity of the Wenchang Launch Center. It was also tasked with verifying the coordination and compatibility of different systems,” the state-run China Manned Space Engineering website noted.

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