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China Landslide: Man Buried Alive In Rubble For 60 Hours Rescued

China Landslide: Man Buried Alive In Rubble For 60 Hours Rescued
Rubble Peter Kaminski / Flickr CC BY 2.0


China Landslide: Man Buried Alive In Rubble For 60 Hours Rescued

China landslide: A migrant worker buried alive in the rubble following a massive landslide in a major manufacturing city of China was pulled out Wednesday.

A migrant worker buried alive under the rubble for more than 60 hours after a landslide that swept through a major manufacturing city in China was rescued Wednesday.

The survivor, Tian Zeming, who is from Chongqing in southwestern China, was rescued on Wednesday around dawn. According to a transcript posted by the district government, Dr. Wang Yiguo said, “The survivor had a very feeble voice and pulse when he was found alive buried under debris, and now he’s undergoing further checks.”

Zeming underwent surgery and is currently in stable condition.

After being discovered, Zeming told the authorities his name and said there was another individual buried near him, as reported by NBC News.  Dai Limeng, a neurosurgeon who went into the rubble, confirmed that the other individual had died.

As many as 70 people are missing following the massive landslide.

The China landslide occurred Sunday, when 33 buildings were buried at the industrial park after soil piled against a high hill slid down. In the last four months, it is the second major man-made disaster, Huffington Post reports. In August, chemical blasts in the post city of Tianjin killed at least 160 people.

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