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South China Sea War: China Conducts War Games After US Fired Missiles

South China Sea War: China Conducts War Games After US Fired Missiles
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South China Sea War: China Conducts War Games After US Fired Missiles

China has started its training drills in the South China Sea region even with rising political ire over its efforts. According to reports, the training drills resemble actual combat conditions which may be indicative of what’s to happen. Is China gearing up for war?

China has started its training drills in the highly disputed region of South China. The drills are reportedly part of the effort to improve the combat effectiveness of the fleets. Additionally, the drills started around April 7 which included training based on an electromagnetic environment. Other drills covered high-speed exercises to keep pilots in shape, all-weather drills including low-altitude and beyond visibility range training.

“To think about special situations in an even more complex way, to make the enemy situation even more dangerous, to make the battlefield environment even more lifelike, is an important path in order for the navy and air force to stick close to the demands of real combat and accelerate its transformative production model for fighting strength,” Reuters quoted division commander Tian Junqing via PLA Daily.

The report did not specify where China conducted the drills. The fleets are also expected to do a series of military tactics training like minimum altitude defensive dashes and 24-hour maritime attack drills.

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The South China Sea sees trillions worth of trade of annually on top of the natural resources that abound it. These are the same reasons why many political analysts think the area is strategic to whoever claims ownership with China possibly being a threat to the US.

Aside from the military drills, ABC reported a Chinese aircraft landing for the first time on the island Beijing built artificially on the disputed wasters. This has raised concerns whether China has deployed fighter jets in the area. The runway spans 3,000 meters long and stands on the Fiery Cross reef. According to reports, it is one of the three islands the country built for more than a year. In January, there were a series of civilian flights tested in the region.

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