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China Fearless Of WW3 Against US, Bolsters Russia & Africa Alliance

China Fearless Of WW3 Against US, Bolsters Russia & Africa Alliance
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China Fearless Of WW3 Against US, Bolsters Russia & Africa Alliance

China and Russia puts great significance in their history. Vladimir Putin’s first trip abroad after assuming the Russian presidency again in 2012 was China.

“China is not afraid to fight a war with U.S.” according to state-owned newspaper the Global Times. The bold statement comes after a U.S. guided-missile destroyer patrols South China Sea just within 12 nautical miles.

Morning News USA reported that U.S. deployed its warship to patrol the disputed South China Sea. During the patrol, a Chinese warship monitored it in “safe distance.” A follow-up report had military official saying that there will be more U.S. naval ships that will be making rounds in the region. Elsewhere, Cold War analysts stressed a page in history that seemed to have been forgotten by U.S. – China and Russia are close-tight allies since World War II. (How possible is World War 3?)

Now China is brandishing statements that are reflective of its power if indeed it has to fight World War 3 against U.S. “In face of the U.S. harassment, Beijing should deal with Washington tactfully and prepare for the worst. This can convince the White House that China, despite its unwillingness, is not afraid to fight a war with the U.S. in the region, and is determined to safeguard its national interests and dignity,” the Global Times newspaper said in its editorial as seen by BBC.

The piece mocks U.S. and its involvement with piece-meal war in other parts of the world. “It can’t finish the situation in Iraq or Afghanistan; it dares only to make noise against Russia; it has failed to achieve anything in Syria; and it can’t really take down Pyongyang. China really hasn’t provoked it, but the US truly is only a ‘paper tiger’,” the piece stated.

State news agency, Xinhua, also mocked U.S. describing it as “the lame-duck Obama administration” that pretends to reassure its allies “at a time when its s—called Asia Rebalance policy falters.” The agency also warned that China “will take whatever means at whatever cost to safeguard its sovereign interests.” (Know more about the South China Sea dispute.)

Speaking with Press TV, Keith Preston, a political analyst, said China has strengthened its relationship with Russia in the wakes of the tensions simmering over the South China Sea, being one of the other major Asian powers. “I think both nations, Russia and China, view each other as important allies in countering American and Western hegemonies,” Preston said. He added that China is securing South China Sea to deter possible American naval blockade. In other parts of the world, China has reportedly sent its warplanes in Syria to help Russia in its fight against the ISIS and CIA-backed rebel groups.

In article written for the National Interest, Professor Lyle Goldstein of the China Maritime Institute at the U.S. Naval War College in Newport, highlights the history shared by China and Russia as far back as the 1937. Russia provided China with 1,000 aircraft in four years after the Nanjing Massacre in December 1937.

China and Russia puts great significance in their history. So much so that President Vladimir Putin’s first trip abroad after assuming the Russian presidency again in 2012 was China, according to Goldstein. Chinese president Xi Jinping also visited Russia after his inauguration as Chinas president in 2013, Goldstein noted.

“Reciprocal visits by the two Presidents to observe one another’s victory celebrations (and the conspicuous lack of Western leaders at either event) seemed to demonstrate a shared contemporary isolation as well as the common history of suffering catastrophic losses in the enormous conflagration of the Second World War,” Goldstein wrote.

China and Russia is also luring other players in its side of the court, specifically those nations that also exhibit aversion against U.S. Meanwhile, Russia is expanding its nuclear involvement in Africa, The Wire reported. Russia is set to build Egypt’s nuclear power plant and the same goes for Nigeria. On the other hand, China is building Kenya’s first nuclear power plant and commences uranium mining in Namibia. (How close is nuclear war?)

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