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In China, Donald Trump Becomes A New Year Rooster

In China, Donald Trump Becomes A New Year Rooster
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In China, Donald Trump Becomes A New Year Rooster

  •  A Trump-looking rooster stood outside of a mall in China.
  • The giant rooster was inspired by Trump’s hairstyle and gesture.

A giant rooster resembling U.S President-elect Donald Trump stood outside of a big shopping mall in a Chinese city of Taiyuan, in the province of Shanxi.

Mallgoers expressed happy surprises when a huge statue appeared in a middle of the mall’s open space this week. It signaled the anticipation for the Chinese Year of the Rooster. The designer of the Trump-looking rooster admitted that he drew inspiration from the foul-mouthed president-elect, the state-run news agency People’s Daily reported.

Gaining Popularity

The noticeable characteristics that the rooster apparently resembled Trump were its golden hair and its gesture. It appeared to be an effective strategy to draw people as N1 Artwalk Mall started to generate media attention.

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Locals describe the statue as a perfect example of an infusion of the Chinese and Western cultures. It can’t be denied that the Chinese and the Americans, at least in the government level, have irreconcilable differences.

Since they installed the giant rooster  last December 24, many replicas started emerging. Chinese businessmen took advantage of the sculpture’s popularity that replicas of different sizes and price ranges were available this week all over China.

Trump-Rooster Replicas

As reported by CNN, Wei Qing, who owns the Shenghe Yangtai Business, said the rooster-Trump replica business is doing well. Consequently, he started making replica of the giant rooster after he finds it hilarious.

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The depiction of Trump in a rooster statue came amid the sour relations between China and the United States. Also, this rather lukewarm relationship worsens when Trump accused China of currency manipulator.

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