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Children Killed In Easter Bombing: Here’s What We Know So Far

Children Killed In Easter Bombing: Here’s What We Know So Far
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Children Killed In Easter Bombing: Here’s What We Know So Far

While a small Christian community in a predominantly Islam-dominated country of Pakistan, gathered to celebrate the Easter Sunday, a bomb exploded that killed 70 individuals, mostly children and women. The death toll of the recent Taliban Easter bombing continues to increase.

An Islamic State-linked group Jamaat-ur-Ahrar (JA) has since claimed responsibility over the incident saying they intentionally targeted Christian minority. But because of the setting, which was a public playground, and the day of the attack, most of the injured were women and children who were enjoying a typical Sunday, regardless of the religion.

Reports from the Reuters showed that of the 70 casualties, 29 of them were children and women residents from nearby communities around the blast site in Lahore, Pakistan. Some Pakistani Christians, which make up around 2 percent of the country’s largely Muslim population, traveled from neighboring cities all the way to Lahore to celebrate Easter Sunday.

Easter Sunday is an important religious event for Christian believers to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. Millions of Christians all over the world have different ways of celebrating such event, but Christians in Pakistan had a tragic one this year.

But Ehansullah Ehsan, a spokesperson for the group JA, said in a statement that the group is brewing more attacks targeting religious minorities. The JA is also being linked to notorious Pakinstan-based terrorist group Taliban.

“We don’t target women and children, but Islam allows us to kill men of the Christian community who are against our religion,” Ehsan was quoted by the Reuters.

Moments after the Gulshan Iqbal Park’s explosion, eyewitnesses recall the morbid scene that followed. In a report from the CNN, a blast survivor recalled the images of the blast site immediately after the suicide bomber blew himself up. The witness said dead bodies were all over the park.

Meanwhile, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, who hailed from the city of Lahore, lambasted the group responsible for the incident. The park remained closed to the public as of Monday.

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