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Children Brain Injuries From Playground Increasing – Study

Children Brain Injuries From Playground Increasing – Study
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Children Brain Injuries From Playground Increasing – Study

Attention, parents. A new study shows that the number of playground-related brain injuries among children has increased in the United States.

This, despite efforts made to improve and make playground across the country safe for children. A new study, published in the journal Pediatrics, shows that an average of 214, 883 children 14 below were rushed to emergency rooms between 2011 and 2013.

Of the 214, 883 children, around 21,101 were treated for head injuries, which translates to a total of 9.8 percent. It added that at least 58.6 percent of them were boys. Although a large percentage of these children have been treated and sent home – at 95.6 percent – the data indicate a troubling situation.

Dr. Jeneita Bell of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) told CBS News that the study does not only focus on sports, but also in any other aspects that causes TBI, especially among young children. Bell is the lead researcher of the study.

“It’s not just sports. This study highlights the importance of other causes of traumatic brain injuries and concussion among children. We can only make assumptions. It may be that there is increased awareness about concussions as a whole,” Bell was quoted as saying by CBS News.

The report also revealed that even schools are not safe for children, as a third of playground-related accidents involving children were recorded in school playgrounds. Around 33.5 of these accidents happen in playgrounds in recreational or sports centers.

In terms of specific equipment in the playground notorious for head injuries in children, monkey bars top the list, causing 28.3 percent of the total TBI cases among children, followed by swings at 28.1 percent.

Cases of TBI involving children are more common on the month of May at 12.9 percent, followed by April at 11.7 percent. At least 77.9 percent of TBI cases among children happens during weekdays, from Monday to Friday.

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