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Chicken and ham salads being recalled by Garden Fresh Foods

Chicken and ham salads being recalled by Garden Fresh Foods


Chicken and ham salads being recalled by Garden Fresh Foods

Chicken and ham salads being recalled by Garden Fresh FoodsGarden Fresh Foods, foods manufacturing company based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has recalled almost 20,000 pounds of food products because of possible Listeria bacteria contamination. The products include chicken and ham products, such as salads, that are ready-to-eat right off the shelf.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture Food Safety and Inspection Service, the foods were distributed to various retailers and food service groups all across the country. They include several kinds of chicken salads and ham salads that were sold using the names Market Pantry, Archer Farms, D’Amico and Sons, Finest Traditions, Garden Fresh and Weis brands. The agency has said the possible contamination problem was found through testing conducted by the Food and Drug Administration.

Among the retailers that offer the products are Weis Markets and Target. Some of the other products recalled include Weis brand’s potato, macaroni, egg and tuna salads; Archer Farms’ potato and chicken salad; several dips using the Archer Farms name; and Market Pantry’s macaroni, potato, coleslaw, pasta, and chicken salads.

No illnesses have been reported in relation to the consumption of these products. The company and the agency have advised anyone who is concerned about an illness to contact their health care provider for an examination. Listeria can result in miscarriages in pregnant women and can cause serious illnesses in those who suffer from weakened immune systems.

Garden Fresh Foods was founded in 1978 by Tom and Vicki Hughes. What started as a small operation from their home has grown to be now located in a 170,000-square-foot facility that employs more than 100 people and provides food to grocery store chains, restaurants, health care facilities, schools, and institutions all across the U.S.

According to media reports, this recall is one of the largest food recalls this year as far as pounds of food are involved. Garden Fresh uses fresh, locally grown farm produce as ingredients for its products. The company is known for making its own recipes and its products are very popular across the country, especially around the Milwaukee area.

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