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Chicago PD Sneak Peek: Platt Attacked, Find Out Who Almost Killed Her

Chicago PD Sneak Peek: Platt Attacked, Find Out Who Almost Killed Her
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Chicago PD Sneak Peek: Platt Attacked, Find Out Who Almost Killed Her

One of the most favorite “Chicago PD” characters is the desk sergeant Trudy Platt(Amy Morton). Wednesday’s episode of this NBC cop drama turns out to be a no laughing point for her as she faces a terrifying ordeal.

When Platt visits her father for dinner at his house, she warns him about his girlfriend Natalie and asks him to be careful. In an exclusive video by The Hollywood Reporter, it can be seen that after dinner, she is viciously attacked and physically assaulted while walking to the car from Robert’s place. Platt finds the hidden weapon in her car but unfortunately the attacker finds a way and uses it against her and the scene ends on such a horrifying cliffhanger.

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Matt Olmstead, the showrunner of “Chicago PD” told The Hollywood Reporter,” It’s great for Amy. We’ve all along wanted to do something like this for her and we were just waiting for the right time, so it’s basically, ‘Who almost killed Platt?’ Did it have to do with her dad?”

According to SpoilerTV, after the incident, she is then rushed to Chicago Med. At the Hospital we find, Lindsay( Sophia Bush), Halstead( Jesse Lee Soffer) and Voight(Jason Beghe) come over to investigate and question a much concerned Mouch(played by Christian Stolte, the guest star).

In the meantime,  the rest of the Intelligence is led to the scene by Antonio(Jon Seda). While looking into the previous threats made against Platt, Antonio is called to shift his attention to Robert’s townhouse where Platt’s father has had a gruesome attack upon himself.

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“And, ultimately, when she finds out who did it, ironically, she has the same impulse that Voight (Jason Beghe) did, which is to take matters into her own hands. And is that something that Voight would actively try to dissuade her from doing?”, said Matt to THR.

Chicago PD” episode 4.03 airs at 10pm on NBC.

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