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Chicago Med: Nurse April Sexton Keeps Tuberculosis A Secret, Son Might Catch The Disease

Chicago Med: Nurse April Sexton Keeps Tuberculosis A Secret, Son Might Catch The Disease
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Chicago Med: Nurse April Sexton Keeps Tuberculosis A Secret, Son Might Catch The Disease

A major part of “Chicago Med” Season 2, which will premiere on September 22 on NBC, will be dealing with Nurse April Sexton’s health complications. The last season finale left fans shocked after April was diagnosed with tuberculosis.

April discovered about the illness after her boyfriend Tate Jenkins proposed to her. “Chicago Med” Season 2 will see April dealing with the dilemma of whether or not to tell Tate about it. April will be a part of a huge storyline as the series returns with its next season.

According to executive producer Diane Frolov, April will be at the centre of a long story arc and in the upcoming season premiere she will be avoiding Tate and his son in the fearing of transferring the disease to them, although the disease is at a latent stage.

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Frolov added that April is not convinced whether she will be able to carry on with her life or that she is not contagious. However, the disease will later become active and become contagious, the Christian Post reported.

“She’s really avoiding Tate and his son because of her fear about giving TB to them even though she is latent,” Frolov said, as quoted by the TV Line. “She has to be really convinced that she’s not contagious and can continue with her life. But as she does so, her TB ceases to be latent and becomes active.”

Season 2 will focus on how the couple deals with their relationship in the face of April’s illness besides concentrating on how Tate will find out about it.

The Chicago Med Season 2 premiere titled ‘Soul Care’ will also introduce Dr. Rhodes’ new mentor Dr. Latham after his old mentor, Dr. Downey, died in the last season finale. Although Dr. Rhodes will find his new mentor to be a little difficult to get along with, he needs to complete his fellowship nonetheless.

According to a report by the International Business Times, the Season 2 premiere will also see Dr. Manning handling an interesting case of a pregnant woman who fell victim to a high-speed collision.

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