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Cheryl Burke Apologizes For Suicide Joke

Cheryl Burke Apologizes For Suicide Joke
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Cheryl Burke Apologizes For Suicide Joke

Cheryl Burke now regrets her recent comment “made me want to slit my wrists” on a podcast. The suicide remark she dropped was about her “Dancing With The Stars” experience with Ian Ziering.

The dancing professional Burke got outspoken with Matt Weiss and Theo Von’s podcast of “Allegedly.” She called her Dancing With The Stars’ partner her “least favorite” partner ever. She commented, “[Working with him] made me want to slit my wrists.” This earned her a backlash.

However, she might have realized her choice of words because she later on apologized. “In the heat of an interview conversation, I used a phrase that seemingly makes light of suicide and I deeply regret it,” she tweeted according to ET. “I have many friends and family members that struggle with depression and thoughts of suicide. To have said something that seemingly makes a mockery of what they’ve gone through and what they live with is something that I apologize for. I never meant to hurt anyone or to trivialize the topic. I was out of line and for that I apologize.”

Burke should have stick with her rule, which she tweeted before, “I’ve always lived by the rule that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

It can be remebered that she was partnered with Ian Ziering on the fourth season of “Dancing With the Stars.” Although the pair finished in the fourth place, Burke admitted that she already wanted to be voted out earlier. She eventually asked the show’s executives if there was any way to eliminate them and was only told that they cannot do that, according to Fox News.

She also agreed with Weiss and Von’s comment on Ziering’s “intense” character during the show. In addition, she even mocked on the pronunciation of his name Ian as EYE-AN and not EE-AN.

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