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Chemical Weapon Threats Alerted Across US Airports

Chemical Weapon Threats Alerted Across US Airports
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Chemical Weapon Threats Alerted Across US Airports

U.S. fighter jets rushed to halt chemical weapon threats on different passenger airlines landing in airports across states – JFK, New York, Newark, New Jersey, Buffalo, Atlanta and Georgia. The information was based on anonymous calls received by police officials.

Preliminary investigation conducted by authorities found that threats were seemingly done in naught. The Federal Bureau of Investigation or FBI however insists that authorities should respond in the same level of haste each time. No one knows when the real threat will take place.

Air France Flight to New York’s John F Kennedy airport

NORAD scrambled its two F-15 fighter jets to escort an Air France flight from Paris landing in JFK airport. This was done in response to a tip received by the Maryland State Police. An anonymous caller from an untraceable line told police that the Air France flight is at risk of a chemical weapon attack, ABC News reported.

The fighter jets escorted the Air France flight in landing. Thankfully, nothing dangerous was found on board.

“Out of an abundance of caution, Air France Flight No. 22 was escorted to John F. Kennedy airport by U.S. Air Force fighter jets following a phone threat. There were no incidents or hazards reported on board the flight by either the passengers or its crew. The plane has been cleared,” FBI said in a statement.

Saudi Airlines and American Airlines escorted by U.S. fighter jets

The same speedy response was given to a Saudi Airlines flight landing at JFK. The flight was also cleared from any threat and passengers were safely escorted to the terminal, FBI officials told ABC News.

The American Airlines flight from Birmingham, England to JFK was asked to taxi to a remote area. Once again, FBI officials found no threat and the plane was cleared to go to terminal.

Delta Airlines and United Airlines cleared from chemical weapon threat

A Delta Air Lines flight from London and a United Airlines flight from Madrid, landing in Newark, New Jersey, were also cleared from the reported threat.

Officials have also cleared a Delta Flight from Paris landing in Boston.


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