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Chelsea Bombing Footage: Christmas Lights Used In Bomb, Suspects At Large

Chelsea Bombing Footage: Christmas Lights Used In Bomb, Suspects At Large
Chelsea, Manhattan André-Pierre du Plessis CC BY 2.0


Chelsea Bombing Footage: Christmas Lights Used In Bomb, Suspects At Large

Flip phones, pressure cookers, and Christmas lights were used in the bombs that exploded in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, injuring 29 people, and in another that failed to detonate.

According to surveillance video, one man was found to be at the two locations, law enforcement officials said.

The video, NBC News reports, shows the man placing an object in a dumpster near 23rd Street and Sixth Avenue. The explosion occurred soon thereafter. Another video of the 27th Street revealed a man who left a piece of luggage on the sidewalk followed by two people coming, emptying the bag by taking the device out, and leaving with the suitcase.

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“We’ll spend the next couple days seeing who was on both blocks prior to the explosions,” NYPD Chief Robert Boyce said.

Jonathan Avidor said he heard the explosion that rocked Chelsea on Saturday night. He rushed out to the street after the incident, which occurred steps from his apartment. “I noticed screaming, running, glass everywhere,” Avidor said. “My ears were ringing. A mirror flew off the wall in my apartment.”

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said there were no definite links between the bombing and international terrorism.

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As reported by the New York Times, five people were taken by investigators to an FBI office in Manhattan for questioning. These people, who were in a car that was stopped on the Belt Parkway near the Verrazano Narrows Bridge, were traveling to the airport.

The pressure cookers used in the two bombs contained “fragmentation materials,” according to a law enforcement official.

There is growing suspicion that the attack was linked to the bombing that occurred on Saturday morning in New Jersey. Law enforcement officials are investigating the possibility of a connection between the two explosions. Factors like components, configuration, and style of bombs would help paint the picture of the maker of the explosive devices.

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