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Check Out This Theme Park Inspired By Bubble Tea

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Check Out This Theme Park Inspired By Bubble Tea

In one New York theme park, everything’s coming up bubbles. That’s because the entire place is inspired by bubble tea or boba. The place is known is as ‘The Boba Room.’

The Boba Room is a 1,600 square-foot theme park that aims to immerse visitors in everything that is boba. ” It’s kind of reshaping the identity of bubble tea,” Yanqiong Zeng explained.

Zeng is one of the founders of Chaimi Food Studio along with Iris Xing. It is a company that takes pride in providing “progressive visual for design-conscious clients and curate delightful food experiences.” That said, The Boba Room is all about giving visitors a unique way to enjoy the “daily sweet treat” known as boba tea.

An art installation that lets you experience being inside a bubble tea.

For starters, there is a 700-square-foot room that features a giant rubber straw and loads and loads of large balls. “We want to make people feel immersed in a cup of bubble tea themselves,” Zeng explained. Aside from this, there is also what is known as the “bubble wall.” As you might have guessed, the wall is filled with various balls in different colors. The wall painting was done by Taiwanese artist Melody Shih while the neon art was done by Australian Natalie Jarvis.

Aside from this, there are also a number of art installations in this unique pop-up space. In fact, you’ll find gummy smile faces that are six feet long. You can spot from playful lollipops and hearts underneath playful neon lighting. According to Zeng the interactive exhibits are also a great way to introduce boba to anyone who has not tried it yet.

“In this way, it’s an easier way to introduce bubble tea to people who have never tried it before,” Zeng told am New York. And aside from seeing what bubble tea is like, visitors also get to enjoy a sip of boba during their trip to The Boba Room.

Free Boba Drink With Every Admission

In fact, there are a number of bubble tea purveyors serving their famous boba creations right inside this theme park. As of the moment, the rotating boba purveyors include Gong Cha; Luv Tea; Tea And Milk; PaTea Bubble Tea and Vivi Bubble Tea LES. And if you are looking for a bubble tea drink that’s got more than bubbles, you may want to try Vivi’s Bubble Tea Float that comes with cotton candy. And if you still can’t get enough of boba, you can stop by the theme park’s souvenir shop and grab yourself some boba tote bags and pins.

An entrance ticket to The Boba Room costs $10. The exhibit will only run until May 6.


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