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Check Out The Hot Scenes Of ‘Quantico’

Check Out The Hot Scenes Of ‘Quantico’
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Check Out The Hot Scenes Of ‘Quantico’

“Quantico” is one of the boldest TV series in America in terms of the storyline and hot scenes.

“Quantico” is one of the boldest TV series in America in terms of the storyline and hot scenes. It may not be very common for an Indian actress to do such hot scenes on national television, but India’s Priyanka Chopra has made it possible. Let’s discuss some of the Quantico hot scenes.

Episode 1: The first hot scene of “Quantico” was in the first episode when Alex had sex with Ryan in the car. Not much flesh was there but expressions told all. Alex was seen pulling up her panties once the act was over. It was a one-time thing for Alex and she did not want to let Ryan know her identity. However, he was able to know as both became part of “Quantico.”

Episode 3: In the third episode, there was a swimming pool scene where Priyanka Chopra was seen in a sexy blue swimsuit. The scene was made for an activity where partners had to free each other and swim out of the swimming pool.

Episode 5: This episode shows Alex and Ryan getting close again. The agents were in an undercover mission where they ended up in a hotel room. The scene was quite steamy where Alex and Ryan got indulged in each other. Shelby and Caleb also had a hot scene in the episode where they made out with each other.

More hot scenes of “Quantico” are about to come up in episode six. Ryan and Alex will be in a shower scene where Ryan will think of letting out the truth to Alex. Stay tuned for more such news as we keep a close watch on the series.

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