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Check Out The New Museum Of Ice Cream In LA

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Check Out The New Museum Of Ice Cream In LA

If you’re always screaming for ice cream, here’s a new fun destination for you. In Los Angeles, the Museum of Ice Cream is now open for visitors.

Museum of Ice Cream founder and creative director Maryellis Bunn says she decided to put this place up because ice cream is a universal treat. That and she happens to love ice cream very much.

Bunn realized this when she asked herself what exactly is she passionate about. “Usually that sort of questioning leads to something serious and philosophical but for me it came down to, ‘What do I love?’ and what I love is ice cream,” Bunn told Forbes.

That is what inspired her to put a museum dedicated to the frozen treat. Basically, it’s a place where everyone can feel like a child again. the place has several art installations that you can touch and feel. There’s even one that you can dive into.

For starters, there’s a room completely covered in pink that comes with three phones on the wall. If you pick one up and listen, you can get an introduction to what you can expect inside. Aside from this, don’t miss walking by the Walk of Ice Cream. Take a selfie Brad Pittstachio or Maryilyn Mintroe. Both have pink ice cream cones painted in the center of their stars.

Art installations that make you scream for ice cream.

As you keep going around, you may also notice a unique looking palm tree, one that is made with a waffle cone. Keep going and you may just find yourself into a room filled with hundreds of bananas that are colored yellow and pink. Stay here for awhile and get lost in all the banana whimsy. Better, ride the swings in the banana room.

In another room, there are melting popsicles everywhere. And in case you’re feeling a little tired, you can lie on them to take a popsicle nap. Meanwhile, you can also choose to keep going and explore other art exhibits here. There’s one that would fulfill your gummy bear fantasies and another one that grows mint for anyone who loves mint chocolate chip ice cream. And then, there is the pool filled with sprinkles.

Dive into a pool of sprinkles.

According to a report from 89.3 KPCC, the pool is made with self-cleaning plastic rainbow sprinkles. That means, you can keep swimming in it without having to worry about germs. And after you worked up an appetite swimming, feel free to indulge in several scoops of actual ice cream. The museum serves ice cream from a number of its partners. These include My/Mo Mochi Ice cream, Coolhaus x Cuisinart, CREAM, McConnell’s and Salt & Straw.

The Museum of Ice Cream in Los Angeles will open until May 29. Tickets cost $29 for adults and $18 for seniors and children ages three to 12.

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