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Chattanooga Massacre: 5-Minute Terror As Narrated By FBI Agent (With Video)

Chattanooga Massacre: 5-Minute Terror As Narrated By FBI Agent (With Video)
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Chattanooga Massacre: 5-Minute Terror As Narrated By FBI Agent (With Video)

Armed Mohammad Abdulazeez, the felon who perpetrated the Chattanooga massacre, reportedly sprayed bullets at the military recruitment center before whacking at the gates. Sensing threat, a service member opened fire, but Abdulazeez was relentless.

The Kuwait-born Abdulazeez forcibly went inside the navy building and shot a service member, a report from CNN says as narrated by FBI Special Agent in-charge Ed Reinhold, who continued saying Abdulazeez persisted with his shooting spree as he found his way to the exit and killed four marines.

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His decision to go inside the building again proved fatal as he was killed by one of Chattanooga police officers. The entire scenario lasted for almost five minutes, enough to end six lives, including the culprit.

“We are incredibly thankful for the bravery of the responding police officers,” U.S. Marine Major General Paul W. Brier told the media.

“Their immediate actions that day saved lives,” he continued, also recognizing heroic efforts of everyone at the Chattanooga facility. He said they “risked their lives to help others and stop the carnage.”

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The major general continued with his narration and said the marines reacted the way people would expect, “rapidly going from room to room, they got their fellow marines to safety.

Abdulazeez was fond of armed weapons and maintained shooting as his hobby, according to the news. Days after the news broke out about the rampage in Chattanooga, friends and family spoke, projecting an image of Abdulazeez as someone who could not conceive such a terror.

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“Whatever caused this to happen, it’s not him, it’s not normal. That’s not how he is,” Abdulrazzak Pirzada, a close friend of 24-year-old slain Abdulazeez said as quoted by CNN.

Abdulazeez hailed from Hixson, a suburb at northern Chattanooga. A report from The Guardian said the shooting started at Lee Highway recruiting center, where a car-for-rental was stopped by Abdulazeez, who began shooting at the building. The police responded and chased him up to seven miles away at Amnicola Highway recruitment center.

FBI investigators attempted to rationalize Chattanooga massacre by digging into Abdulazeez’s background. It was found out he spent some time in Qatari in 2014, though no solid evidence can be linked between him and the Islamic State group.

Credits: YouTube/wochit News

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