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Charlize Theron Thinks It’s Hard Being A Tall, Blond Actress

Charlize Theron Thinks It’s Hard Being A Tall, Blond Actress
Charlize Theron Gage Skidmore / Flickr CC BY-SA

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Charlize Theron Thinks It’s Hard Being A Tall, Blond Actress

Charlize Theron, model-turned-actress, claims it’s hard to be tall and blond. The outspoken lady also spoke of the age and gender discrimination in Hollywood.

In an interview with GQ magazine, the actress said that while she sometimes get meaty roles, she lost several projects because of her tall and blond look. She blames her model genes for coming in the way of her acting career.

“The Huntsman: Winter’s War” actress was not afraid to share her views about the reverse prejudice of Hollywood. She mentioned, “It would be a lie to say there is less worry for women as they get older than there is for men… It feels (like) there’s this unrealistic standard of what a woman is supposed to look like when she’s over 40.”

The actress who was not afraid to shed her blonde hair for the role in “Mad Max: Fury Road” also revealed that women have been complacent for so long. Things are changing now. “We live in a society where women wilt and men age like fine wine. And, for a long time, women accepted it. We were waiting for society to change, but now we’re taking leadership,” she said.

As far as her height is concerned, Charlize Theron said it’s a hindrance for her to get roles. Some roles do come her way, but the standard of beauty is such that she does not get a fair chance in many cases.

As per Variety, Charlize Theron is currently busy promoting her new movie “The Huntsman: Winter’s War,” In order to reprise her role in the “Snow White and The Huntsman” prequel, she claimed that she demanded an amount that will be equal to Chris Hemsworth. Her demand was granted. She was paid $10 million.

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