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Charlie Sheen To Admit HIV-positive Condition On ‘Today’

Charlie Sheen To Admit HIV-positive Condition On ‘Today’
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Charlie Sheen To Admit HIV-positive Condition On ‘Today’

Charlie Sheen will confirm his HIV-positive condition on NBC’s ‘Today’. This revealing personal announcement will be his first time to address the issue.

After rumors spread about Charlie Sheen being HIV-positive, the high-profile actor will finally address the issue publicly as he is expected to appear on NBC’s “Today” this November 16, 2015. Are the rumors true?

As reported by Morning News USA, it was not too long ago that a 27-year old porn star came forward and revealed to media that one of her ex-sex partners is HIV-positive. Since then, reports have been circulating about the possibility that the porn star was referring to Charlie Sheen.

After several occasions of people guessing that Sheen has acquired the sexually-transmitted disease, Howard Bragman, a Hollywood public relations specialist, spoke to People about the possibility that, indeed, Sheen is the man haunted by the rumors.

He stated, “I’ve known about this a long time, it’s not a surprise to me. I feel very sorry for his pain. And I hope it’s used as a teachable moment for the world. This is a disease that can affect anyone,” reported CNN. Despite Bragman’s notion, his statement had no veracity as he was not Sheen’s public relations personnel.

However, a newly surfaced report by TMZ confirmed the possibility that, indeed, the rumors are true. It was stated that he will make his public announcement as a celebrity in NBC’s “Today” show. He will be expected to sit alongside Matt Lauer this Tuesday morning.

Close friends of the actor were said to have been in the know about his condition for several years. In fact, Bragman claimed that Sheen had been receiving treatment for the sexually-transmitted disease for years and that many affiliates of his are aware.

The “Today” show also posted an announcement on Twitter, which confirmed the appearance of Charlie Sheen on their show.

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