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Charlie Sheen Faces Raps For Attempted Murder

Charlie Sheen Faces Raps For Attempted Murder
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Charlie Sheen Faces Raps For Attempted Murder

Charlie Sheen is currently being sued for allegedly attempting to murder a dentist and his staff. Three dental office employees filed a case against Charlie Sheen over a “stabbing” incident and assault that happened in the clinic over two years ago.

Employees George Bogen, Jaime Azdair, and Tina DeVilla filed the case in California, stating that the incident happened during Charlie Sheen’s appointment in the dental office on September 25, 2014, Radar Online said in a report.

George Bogen, the owner of Dr. Bogen’s L.A Office, was the one who will administer dental check-up on Charlie Sheen that day, and was assisted by Jaimer Azdair. Tina DeVilla, meanwhile, was the receptionist.

In their sworn statement, Charlie Sheen was said to have started the assault when he sat in the dental chair.

“After first being placed in the dental chair … Sheen ripped off the [nitrous oxide] mask, jumped out of the dental chair, and began yelling verbal obscenities and threats,” the report said.

They added that Charlie Shen began hitting the assistant who ran into the reception area to find help. But the 50-year-old actor did not stop from assaulting the employees and even threatened to kill George Bogen and Jaime Azdair. He then was said to lunged into the two men, as he attempted to kill them with a knife.

He even stabbed the examination chair repeatedly, the document added.

With this, the three employees filed cases of assault, negligent and intentional infliction of emotional distress, with a $25,000 amount for the damage.

It can be recalled that in October 2014, an employee named Margarita Palestino sued the actor for the same incident but reportedly dropped the case a year after.

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