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Charleena Lyles ‘Murder’ Investigation 2017: Official Statement From Officers Released

Charleena Lyles ‘Murder’ Investigation 2017: Official Statement From Officers Released
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Charleena Lyles ‘Murder’ Investigation 2017: Official Statement From Officers Released

Officers involved with the Charleena Lyles murder have finally made their statement regarding the tragedy that happened recently. Lyles had originally called the officers about a robbery, before being gunned down after she attempted to stab the officers. Family members have stated that Lyles was suffering from mental issues and should have been subdued in a non-lethal way.

According to The Seattle Times, officer Jason Anderson told investigators that she was going to stab his stomach. Anderson later told these investigators that he and Steven McNew, the second officer involved, had no choice but to use lethal measures. He admitted that they had pepper sprays and batons, but using their guns was the necessary solution for the problem.

McNew had told Lyles to back up after she got her knife, and even called for additional support before they gunned her down. Prior to the shooting, McNew asked Anderson to use his taser on her, but he didn’t bring his to the scene. The taser’s battery supposedly died two weeks prior, which was his reason for not bringing one to the scene.

Even with a taser equipped, Anderson stated that he would have used his gun anyway, since that was what they were taught. He later went on to state that the situation scared him, stating that “she was gonna try and kill my partner.” She supposedly went for McNew, forcing Anderson’s hand and shooting her to death, hence the unfortunate tragedy we have.

This statement won’t go well with the people rallying about the Charleena Lyles murder, since they have been preaching about non-lethal methods. While the duo didn’t have tasers, they did have other non-lethal ways to subdue her, like the aforementioned pepper spray and batons. It’s an unfortunate situation that won’t help defuse the situation, since many feel that officers shoot black people too often.

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