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Charleena Lyles Murder: Hundreds Call For Justice Over Grusome Death

Charleena Lyles Murder: Hundreds Call For Justice Over Grusome Death
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Charleena Lyles Murder: Hundreds Call For Justice Over Grusome Death

The Charleena Lyles murder seems to be another case of police choosing lethal methods over more peaceful methods. It’s a sad case, and one black people seem to constantly face from the police, which they are sick off. Hundreds of people have gathered in a peaceful rally demanding answers, since no lethal force was necessary, but was used.

Charleena Lyles was a stay at home mother, with three kids and one she was pregnant with until the shooting. NBC News stated that she called the police after a supposed robbery and was shot by them sometime after. Apparently, she was holding a knife and may have threatened them due to her mental issues, but people are wondering why she wasn’t just subdued.

People were understandably upset by the murder, especially Tiffany Rogers, the 26 year old sister of Lyles. She stated that Lyles was a good mother who would do anything for her kids and didn’t tend to rely on family for help. While her mental health reportedly failed her, many people felt that they could have found a non-lethal way to subdue her.

Simply put, people want to know why these incidents keep happening between people of color and the police. Numerous incidents of young and unarmed black people getting shot by police officers keep happening, hence the #BlackLivesMatter campaign. Rally users have even used inverted this, saying Charleena’s Life Matters and demanding justice for her life being unceremoniously taken.

The Seattle Times has pointed out that Lyles is the 451st person shot by the police, pointing out how America has embraced violence over democracy. Many people feel like these incidents don’t have to happen, especially since the police are trained to subdue people more peacefully. Sadly, the Charleena Lyles murder is another statistic that the country should be ashamed of, and it might not be the last.

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