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Chance The Rapper New MixTape Release: What To Expect

Chance The Rapper New MixTape Release: What To Expect
Chance The Rapper Social Experiment Toronto The Come Up Show / Flickr CC BY 2.0

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Chance The Rapper New MixTape Release: What To Expect

Stakes get high when an artist takes some time to produce a follow-up to a precedent-establishing project, and that goes for Chance the Rapper. It has been three years since the artist released anything after his last solo project. Can #Chance3 meet absurdly high expectations?

It would be downplaying it to say that fans have been waiting eagerly for Chance the Rapper’s third mixtape, Chance 3. The release would be considered his follow-up to his first solo in 2013, Acid Rap. Some would contend that Surf would be an extended part of the catalog. That is with good basis as the rapper has been crucial on the Donnie Trumpet and the Social Experiment’s debut album.

Since Surf was highly acclaimed in 2015, there are high expectations for the follow-up. Chance appears confident about on what he has to offer.

“This stuff is way better than Surf. I’ll say that on record,” Complex quoted Chance on a cover story.

“Donnie [Trumpet] is awesome, and the project was awesome, but this is all of us focusing our efforts into some very hip-hop and very dance-y shit, and it feels good. So I’m excited about that,” he added.

According to Hiphop Wired, Chance the Rapper could be considered “one of the most successful independent rappers in Hip-Hop and Miranda.” Chance The Rapper and Lin-Manuel Miranda are the newest cover models of Complex Magazine. The duo also shared their thoughts about Kanye West.

“There’s not really a responsibility to tell people of your accomplishments, but I think in Kanye’s situation … it’s Kanye West. If I was the greatest artist of this generation, and the few past generations, and a few generations going forward, I’d probably say it all the time, especially if I was black and people didn’t really like me,” said Chance.

“I’d be like, ‘Let me remind you all the fucking time…I don’t even know if it’s about people recognizing it. I think it’s about being a polarizing figure, so that 200 years from now when nobody really remembers any of our names, people talk about him being an *sshole and also being great.”

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