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CES 2016: LG Unveils K7 And K10, K Series Phones With Advanced Camera Technology

CES 2016: LG Unveils K7 And K10, K Series Phones With Advanced Camera Technology
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CES 2016: LG Unveils K7 And K10, K Series Phones With Advanced Camera Technology

LG has announced two phones from the K Series, K7 and K10, at CES 2016. Designed for the youth, these devices come with advanced camera technology.

CES 2016 is in the limelight for all the right reasons. With announcements from top brands like Samsung, Nvidia and LG, the first two days have been rocking. In the coming days, we can expect from companies focusing on TV, automobile, smart home appliances, And smartphones. For now, let us see what LG’s K Series is all about.

LG via LG Newsroom on January 4 announced that the company will be unveiling its K Series phones at CES 2016. On January 5, the first two phones from the series, K10 and K7, were announced. While announcing the phones, LG wrote, “This week, LG Electronics (LG) will unveil its K Series, a new line of smartphones with the advanced camera technology and UX features of LG’s premium models.” In the post, the company further wrote, “LG K Series smartphones will be the first to offer LG’s glossy pebble design language, a contemporary, stylish look with a curved, modern finish aimed at a younger audience.”

If these phones are for the youth, we cannot afford to miss giving you the camera details. The focus of these K Series phones is the CAMERA. K10 sports a 13MP rear and 8MP front cam. LG has also brought two of its popular features to these phones:

  1. Gesture Shot
  2. Gesture Interval Shot

With Gesture Shot, you can take selfies without having to worry about safely grabbing the phone in one hand and clicking with the other. All you need to do is raise a hand in front of the cam and then clench it into a fist. Another feature, Gesture Interval Shot, makes it easy to capture more than one shot. Close your hand twice, and your K series phone will automatically take 4 pictures. Cool, isn’t it?

Keep watching this space for more updates on K7 and K10 phones from LG Electronics. When the company gives out more details, we will update you. We will also bring you important announcements from CES 2016. Stay tuned!

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