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CEO of Microsoft Steve Ballmer Announces Planned Retirement

CEO of Microsoft Steve Ballmer Announces Planned Retirement


CEO of Microsoft Steve Ballmer Announces Planned Retirement

CEO of Microsoft Steve Ballmer Announces Planned RetirementSteve Ballmer, current CEO of Microsoft will be stepping down into a planned retirement, making way for a new leader to head up changes within the company.

Though Ballmer carries the Microsoft Company in heart, there has been much criticism surrounding his abilities to lead in a competitive, fast paced world of technology through his time as CEO. When the enthusiastic CEO stepped into the shoes of Bill Gates, Microsoft stock was worth over $550 billion dollars while Apple stood at only $15 billion. Since Ballmer’s induction as CEO in 2000, Microsoft now lags behind its competitors with Apple increasing to over $400 billion stock market worth, Google comes in at $290 billion and Microsoft trails at just over $280 billion.

While Ballmer has been able to keep profits rolling in for Microsoft, angered investors as less than pleased with the results. Ballmer’s inability to grasp the fast paced growth of technological advances was apparent during the unveiling of the iPhone, when he doubted the new innovation’s success. Even though Ballmer was excited about the latest launch of Windows 8 and stated he believes the company will continue to push forward in new technology, sales for tablets and computers with the new program have not impressed investors.

With Ballmer preparing for his retirement, Microsoft now begins the search for what they hope will be a fresh new CEO to lead the company back to the top spot among technology giants. A non-official number of potential candidates to fill the leadership spot has already begun to circulate with a select A-list of individuals each highly qualified to fill the shoes.

Names include such technology gurus as Marissa Mayer current Yahoo CEO, the billionaire, super-mom and author Sheryl Sandberg currently COO of Facebook and CEO Tim Armstrong. Several others considered to be in the running for Microsoft including Stephen Elo who currently holds the CEO position for Nokia, CEO of Juniper Kevin Johnson and COO Bill Veghte for Hewlett-Packard.

The short list of names includes many successful and competitive giants in the worlds of communication and technology, each with something fresh and unique to bring to Microsoft’s doorstep. Though the company has not yet ruled out fresh thinkers already housed in Microsoft such as Julie Larson-Green whose current title is executive VP of Devices and Studios and COO Kevin Turner.

A fresh face for Microsoft combined with July’s changed to the organization structure within the company could mark the dawn of great things to come for this once technology leader. Microsoft carries the hopes that the new changes will bring forth some cutting edge technology for its loyal consumers that carry that lost ‘wow factor’ Microsoft has been historically known to bring.

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