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CEO Eric Braverman’s Death Connected To Donald Trump’s Financial Guru E.Lee Hennessee, Report

CEO Eric Braverman’s Death Connected To Donald Trump’s Financial Guru E.Lee Hennessee, Report
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CEO Eric Braverman’s Death Connected To Donald Trump’s Financial Guru E.Lee Hennessee, Report

Speculations were running wild, while stating that CEO Eric Braverman’s death was somewhat connected to the death of Trump’s financial guru E. Lee Hennessee-Gradante.

E. Lee Hennessee was hedge-fund pioneer and philanthropist. The 64-year-old was discovered dead at her Trump Plaza condo in West Palm Beach.

On Sunday, it was reported by a family spokesman that apparently she died of a stroke.

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She was a resident of New York and West Palm Beach and was the wife of Charles Gradante, a business partner and financial commentator who had been seen frequently on television, according to Palm Beach Daily News.

“Lee touched us all in a way that will have a lasting positive impact on my life and the lives of so many others,” Charles Gradante said in a statement.

Earlier it was reported by Morning News USA, that former Clinton Foundation CEO Eric Braverman was missing, while many believed he was in hiding. However, now it was being considered that the former CEO was dead.

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The reason behind his death or disappearance was allegedly the emails released by WIkiLeaks. In one these mails, it was revealed that it was Braverman was the insider who gave information to NBC and asked them to follow the money behind a Hillary Clinton scandal.

It was reported that the former CEO requested the Russian embassy in New York to rant him political asylum, like NSA contractor Edward Snowden did.

Federation intelligence analysts had stated that the disappearance of the former CEO was totally related to the mysterious and sudden death of Trump’s top money guru E. Lee Hennessee.

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According to What Does It Mean, Braverman was scheduled to sit for an interview with the Russian Embassy in New York City on October 30. However, he missed his schedule.

The publication reported that the Lee’s death was attributed to Hillary Clinton’s body count, was because of the investment portfolio she had created for Donald Trump. Conspiracy theorists added that this portfolio had permitted Trump to run his revolutionary presidential campaign, which was completely debt free costing him genuinely nothing as for every dollar he had spent.

It had not yet been clarified whether Eric Braverman was dead, as there’s no confirmation, but his whereabouts were still unknown.

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