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Central Texas Shooting: Toddler Sole Survivor Of Shooting That Killed 4

Central Texas Shooting: Toddler Sole Survivor Of Shooting That Killed 4
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Central Texas Shooting: Toddler Sole Survivor Of Shooting That Killed 4

Four people were killed and a child was injured in a shooting incident at an apartment complex in Bastrop, Texas, on Saturday.

The deceased have been identified as Alejandro Martinez, 20; Erica Rodriguez, 21; Paula Nino, 20; and a 3-year-old boy whose name has not been released. All of the victims were from Bastrop.

Another toddler was wounded in the incident and sustained injuries not believed to be life threatening. The child was transported to a hospital on Saturday night.

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Reports of bullets being fired at an apartment complex were first received by the Bastrop Police Department at 6:14 p.m. on Saturday, as reported by KVUE. The police department and officers from the Bastrop Sheriff’s Office had responded to the scene.

The attacker was among those killed in the incident. The Statesman reports that investigators do not believe there is continuing threat to the public. It has not been made clear how the shooter died though it was earlier believed he committed suicide. Police Detective Vicky Steffanic said an investigation into the matter was ongoing.

Alfred Helms was living at the Bastrop Inn, next door to the scene of the shooting incident. He said he heard five to eight shots that “sounded like fireworks.”

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“I was afraid to go outside,” he added.

Kenyata Trigg said her sister-in-law heard bullets being fired and saw bodies of the victims who were her neighbors.

Thomas Uden, who has been a Bastrop resident all his life, said he was worried about his friends inside the apartment complex. “This is crazy…,” he said “Hope it’s nobody I know.” He added nothing like this had ever happened there.

An ongoing investigation into the matter is being conducted by the Bastrop County Sheriff’s Office, the Bastrop Police Department and the Texas Rangers.

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