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‘Castle’ Season 9, Spinoff Both Impossible Without Stana Katic

‘Castle’ Season 9, Spinoff Both Impossible Without Stana Katic
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‘Castle’ Season 9, Spinoff Both Impossible Without Stana Katic

While fans of the popular crime-drama “Castle” have their fingers crossed for a season 9 renewal or possible spinoff in the future, odds of either happening is really low. Nathan Fillion has expressed his desire to reprise his role as Richard Castle, but can “Castle” really carry on without Stana Katic?

‘Castle’ Season 9 Cancelled

As soon as it was confirmed that Stana Katic was no longer going to be a part of “Castle” after season 8, it was declared that the network cancelled season 9 of the show altogether. This led the creators to come up with a season 8 finale that remotely (if not horribly) resembled a series finale, leading to the outrage of fans over social media.

Due to popular demand of “Castle” the network is currently considering going forward with a spinoff and has reportedly signed up Jon Huertas (Detective Esposito) and Seamus Dever (Detective Ryan), reports TVLine. Speculation is still going on whether or not Nathan will be part of the spinoff or not. But what people should be talking about is whether a franchise like “Castle” can survive without Stana Katic’s Kate Beckett.

‘Castle’ Spinoff

“Castle” has seen all kinds of fluctuations where ratings are concerned, but if observed closely, it has recorded its lowest viewership in episodes where Castle has attempted a solitary act, sans Beckett.

According to TV Overmind, the season 6 finale was designed with the vision to turn the entire focus of the series on Nathan Fillion from season 7 onwards. However, once Castle tried to be a P.I. and solve cases on his own, without any major assistance from Beckett, the TRP of the show plummeted, head-first.

A similar fate was met by episodes like “In the Belly of the Beast” and “Veritas” in season 6, which were more focused on Beckett, rather than Castle, but the numbers were not nearly as bad. This clearly indicates that Castle’s muse was becoming more popular can Castle himself.

This raises the question. Can a “Castle” spinoff really work without the inclusion of Kate Beckett, a.k.a. Stana Katic?

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