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Why ‘Castle’ Season 9 is a Bad Idea

Why ‘Castle’ Season 9 is a Bad Idea
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Why ‘Castle’ Season 9 is a Bad Idea

“Castle” Season 9 has been cancelled, but there is still a clamor of it. But is this the right thing to wish for?

An earlier counter petition (prior to the cancelleation) showed why “Castle” is better off being cancelled after 8 beautiful seasons.

Castle Renewed? Kate Beckett Die? 

First, if there is no more “Castle” Season 9, fans can contend themselves with the thought that there is a “Caskett” happy ending. Truly, “Castle” season finale entitled “Crossfire” showed both Beckett and Castle lying on the floor helplessly, not having the strength to do anything else but hold hands as they bled (to death, presumably).

They were ready to accept death as part of their destiny, which is sad for the avid fans who love them right from the start. However, it would have been sadder, albeit quite expected with Stana Katic’s ext from the show, if Beckett survived the perils of “Crossfire”, moved on the season 9 with a broken heart.

Alexi Hawley and Terence Paul Winter, who are the co-showrunners for “Castle”, shared with TV Line that they had two different endings filmed for the finale episode. One of these seems to be the one showing Kate Beckett dying to pave way for a “Stana Katic-less” Season 9.

Fury among the fans with the idea of such move was even felt when spoilers about Beckett dying as reported by

Castle “Crossfire” The Best Way to End Sexism

According to the petition “Cancel “Castle” Season 9, Cancel Sexism in Hollywood,” having a season 9 without the magical relationship between the two will just ruin Andrew W. Marlowe’s & Terri Edda Miller’s extraordinary show. More so when the real reason behind Stana Katic and Tamala Jones’ exit from the show were due to budgetary cuts.

This brings us to the second point on why having “Castle” Season 9 is a bad idea and ending it on “Castle season 8” is the best, per fans who love the show too much to let it be ruined. According to the petition, by canceling the show instead, sexism in Hollywood was at least not allowed to perpetuate through the show.

“In today’s environment, as a female professional, it is incredibly disconcerting that two women, Stana Katic and Tamala Jones, were fired for budgetary cuts. Meanwhile Nathan Fillion, Seamus Dever, & Jon Huertas (all men) now have contracts for S9,” the petition read.

This is quite ironic especially since the entertainment president at ABC was the first female president of one of the most powerful companies in the country. Channing Dungey was hailed the president in February.

Maybe the petition did the trick. Maybe this is why there is no “Castle” season 9. But maybe, this is for the best.

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